Indoor Amenities

Touring America in an RV means you get to see the great outdoors in all its glory. Once in a while, though, it’s nice to be inside four walls that aren’t on wheels.

The indoor amenities we offer our guests at Route 66 RV Resort are designed to make your life easier, more fun, and potentially richer. 


Guests of the RV resort can kick back in comfort in this open, inviting space. Luxurious features include a living area with fireplace and flat-screen television, and a fully-equipped kitchen with appliances and coffee station.


We offer games, a billiards table and card table for you to while away some leisure time with friends and family. From poker to Go Fish you can find fun for everyone. Share tales of the road as you rack ‘em up around our pool table. 

Exercise Room

Staying fit and lean on the road can sometimes be a challenge. After all, your kitchen is traveling with you! The Route 66 RV Resort exercise room can help you get in shape again. From cardiovascular workouts to pumping iron, you can get your daily dose of exercise with us. 


We know an Airstream may only hold 54 gallons, so showering on the road can be an adventure in speed, soap and shampoo. You can call them “Navy showers” if you want—they are still too short! The Route 66 RV Resort shower facilities offer the comfort and warmth of nice, hot showers so you can scrub away the road grit and grime and still hang out under the nozzle to steam up a bit. 

Laundry Facilities

Every RV family knows the challenges of keeping clean clothes and finding a place to stow the dirty laundry. Our indoor laundry facilities are ready for you, so you can get everything cleaned up and ready for the road again. At Route 66 RV Resort, we have washers and dryers, plus space to do your sorting and folding.